Diagnostic workup of childhood interstitial lung disease

the ERS CRC chILD-EU group, Nadia Nathan*, Matthias Griese, Katarzyna Michel, Julia Carlens, Carlee Gilbert, Nagehan Emiralioglu, Alba Torrent-Vernetta, Honorata Marczak, Brigitte Willemse, Céline Delestrain, Ralph Epaud

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Childhood interstitial lung diseases (chILDs) are rare and heterogeneous diseases with significant morbidity and mortality. An accurate and quick aetiological diagnosis may contribute to better management and personalised treatment. On behalf of the European Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaboration for chILD (ERS CRC chILD-EU), this review summarises the roles of the general paediatrician, paediatric pulmonologists and expert centres in the complex diagnostic workup. Each patient’s aetiological chILD diagnosis must be reached without prolonged delays in a stepwise approach from medical history, signs, symptoms, clinical tests and imaging, to advanced genetic analysis and specialised procedures including bronchoalveolar lavage and biopsy, if necessary. Finally, as medical progress is fast, the need to revisit a diagnosis of “undefined chILD” is stressed.

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TijdschriftEuropean Respiratory Review
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StatusPublished - 31-mrt.-2023
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