Dialogic reading practices: a conversation analytic study of peer talk in collaborative reading activities in primary school inquiry learning

Maaike Pulles


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    Collaborative reading in the context of inquiry learning provides opportunities to develop both primary school students’ (age 7-12) reading skills and knowledge building. Inquiry learning is considered to be a motivational learning environment, in which reading activities are oriented to such an understanding of text to be used for answering students’ own questions. In het dissertation, Maaike Pulles demonstrates how children naturally consider reading as a social activity, in which they collaboratively try to establish deeper understanding of and take a critical stance toward the text.
    Detailed analysis of peer talk around texts demonstrates that children collaboratively construct their reading activities in interaction and that they are goal oriented in doing that. The four studies in the dissertation were focused on: selecting relevant text fragments, addressing different types of reading problems, formulating understanding of text and integrating and evaluating text. The findings show that the different levels of reading processes, that are distinguished in cognitive reading research and that are also at the base of (international) reading assessments, are also distinguished by students in their practices of constructing those reading activities. This research contributes to our knowledge about what reading is, and to ideas about profitable learning environments for reading education.
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