Diffuse X-ray emission from the spiral galaxy NGC 2403 discovered with Chandra

F Fraternali*, M Cappi, R Sancisi, T Oosterloo

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We have detected diffuse soft X-ray emission (0.4-1 keV) from the disk of the spiral galaxy NGC 2403 with Chandra. This diffuse emission [with a total luminosity of 2.1 x 10(38) ergs s(-1) and a gas temperature of (2-8) x 10(6) K] is well separated from the numerous bright point sources. NGC 2403 is a luminous spiral galaxy with a high rate of star formation. Recent H I observations have revealed an extended H I halo with anomalous velocities and a general inflow toward the central regions of the galaxy. This result and the present detection of a diffuse, hot X-ray emitting gas point to a very active disk-halo connection and galactic fountain types of phenomena.

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TijdschriftAstrophysical Journal
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StatusPublished - 10-okt-2002

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