Digital photoprogramming of liquid-crystal superstructures featuring intrinsic chiral photoswitches

Zhigang Zheng, Honglong Hu, Zhipeng Zhang, Binghui Liu, Mengqi Li, Da-Hui Qu, He Tian, Wei-Hong Zhu*, Ben L. Feringa*

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Dynamic patterning of soft materials in a fully reversible and programmable manner with light enables applications in anti-counterfeiting, displays and labelling technology. However, this is a formidable challenge due to the lack of suitable chiral molecular photoswitches. Here, we report the development of a unique intrinsic chiral photoswitch with broad chirality modulation to achieve digitally controllable, selectable and extractable multiple stable reflection states. An anti-counterfeiting technique, embedded with diverse microstructures, featuring colour-tunability, erasability, reversibility, multi-stability and viewing-angle dependency of pre-recorded patterns, is established with these photoresponsive superstructures. This strategy allows dynamic helical transformation from the molecular and supramolecular to the macroscopic level using light-activated intrinsic chirality, demonstrating the practicality of photoprogramming photonics.

Originele taal-2English
Pagina's (van-tot)226-234
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TijdschriftNature Photonics
StatusPublished - mrt.-2022

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