Digital Technology Enablers for Resilient and Customer Driven Food Value Chains

Christos Emmanouilidis*, Serafim Bakalis

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Food production chains have to respond to disrupted global markets and dynamic customer demands. They are coming under pressure to move from a supply to a demand-driven business model. The inherent difficulties in the lifecycle management of food products, their perishable nature, the volatility in global and regional supplier and customer markets, and the mix of objective and subjective drivers of customer demand and satisfaction, compose a challenging food production landscape. Businesses need to navigate through dynamically evolving operational risks and ensure targeted performance in terms of supply chain resilience and agility, as well as transparency and product assurance. While the industrial transition to digitalised and automated food production chains is seen as a response to such challenges, the contribution of industry 4.0 technology enablers towards this aim is not sufficiently well understood. This paper outlines the key features of high performing food production chains and performs a mapping between them and enabling technologies. As digitalisation initiatives gain priority, such mapping can help with the prioritisation of technology enablers on delivering key aspects of high performing food production chains.

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TitelAdvances in Production Management Systems
SubtitelTowards Smart and Digital Manufacturing: APMS 2020
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StatusPublished - 2020
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