Digital transformation in logistics from the perspective of a food distributor

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The aspirations to reduce environmental impact, the ongoing labor shortages, and the expanding possibilities of digital technologies urge logistics companies to reinvent their network designs, their methods of operating, and even their business models. For the logistics sector, we provide an overview of contextual perspectives, mechanisms of change, and outcomes in digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation. Specifically, we evaluate developments and opportunities in the logistics sector from the viewpoint of food distribution in cities. We find that both customers and suppliers in the food supply chain are willing to initiate or join novel logistics concepts that require collaboration with other stakeholders in the supply chain. Notably, we investigate attitudes towards the concept of bundling, where goods of different suppliers are jointly delivered to customers by the same vehicle. Furthermore, we quantitatively demonstrate the added value of such collaborative efforts. Collaborations between companies require an increased effort in digital exchange of data and other digital technologies to reap the potential benefits we determined. We identify an impending transformation in the business model of innovative food distributors that may change the landscape of food distribution in cities.
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TitelA research agenda for digital transformation
SubtitelMultidisciplinary perspectives
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StatusAccepted/In press - 2024

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