Direct and Regioselective Di-alpha-fucosylation on the Secondary Rim of beta-Cyclodextrin

Stella A. Verkhnyatskaya, Alex H. de Vries, Elmatine Douma-de Vries, Enze J. L. Sneep, Marthe T. C. Walvoort*

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A straightforward glycosylation method is described to regio- and stereoselectively introduce two alpha-L-fucose moieties directly to the secondary rim of beta-cyclodextrin. Using NMR and MS fragmentation studies, the nonasaccharide structure was determined, which was also visualized using molecular dynamics simulations. The reported glycosylation method proved to be robust on gram-scale, and may be generally applied to directly glycosylate beta-cyclodextrins to make well-defined multivalent glycoclusters.

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StatusPublished - 10-mei-2019

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