Direct and Versatile Synthesis of Red-Shifted Azobenzenes

Mickel J. Hansen, Michael M. Lerch, Wiktor Szymanski*, Ben L. Feringa

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A straightforward synthesis of azobenzenes with bathochromically-shifted absorption bands is presented. It employs an ortho-lithiation of aromatic substrates, followed by a coupling reaction with aryldiazonium salts. The products are obtained with good to excellent yields after simple purification. Moreover, with the presented methodology, a structurally diverse panel of different azobenzenes, including unsymmetric tetra-ortho-substituted ones, can be readily obtained, which paves the way for future development of red-light-addressable azobenzene derivatives for in vivo application.

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TijdschriftAngewandte Chemie - International Edition
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StatusPublished - 17-okt-2016

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