Direct estimation of genome mutation rates from pedigrees in free-ranging baleen whales

Marcos Suárez-Menéndez*, Martine Bérubé, Fabrício Furni, Vania E. Rivera-León, Mads-Peter Heide-Jørgensen, Finn Larsen, Richard Sears, Christian Ramp, Britas Klemens Eriksson, Rampal S. Etienne, Jooke Robbins, Per J. Palsbøll*

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Current low germline mutation rate (𝜇) estimates in baleen whales have greatly influenced research ranging from assessments of whaling impacts to evolutionary cancer biology. However, the reported rates were subject to methodological errors and uncertainty. We estimated 𝜇 directly from pedigrees in natural populations of four baleen whale species and the results were similar to primates. The implications of revised 𝜇 values include pre-exploitation population sizes at 14% of previous genetic diversity-based estimates and the conclusion that 𝜇 in itself is insufficient to explain low cancer rates in gigantic mammals (i.e., Peto’s Paradox). We demonstrate the feasibility of estimating 𝜇 from whole genome pedigree data in natural populations, which has wide-ranging implications for the many ecological and evolutionary inferences that rely on 𝜇.
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StatusPublished - 7-okt.-2022


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