Disability in Europe: policy, social participation and subjective well-being

Marcus Maria van Santvoort

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This study reports on European disability policy and the position of people with disabilities in Europe. The objective of this thesis is two-fold: - to analyze the development of disability policy at the level of the European Union as well as to study cross-nationally the similarities and differences in disability policy in various European countries, including an analysis of the relation between policy at the EU and the national level - to compare the situation of people with disabilities in a number of European countries and to explore the relation between these situations and the policy circumstances in these countries
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KwalificatieDoctor of Philosophy
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  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • van den Heuvel, Wim, Supervisor
Datum van toekenning15-apr-2009
Plaats van publicatieGroningen
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StatusPublished - 2009

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