Disaster Risk Management: Urban Flooding and heatstress

Mark Verlaat, Floris Boogaard, Jeroen Kluck, Leon van der Meulen, Govert Schoof

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    Natural disasters are a growing concern around the globe. In the Netherlands,
    water has always played an important role as both friend and enemy. To quickly
    analyze and visualise possible disaster outcomes has been really difficult.
    In collaboration with engineering company Tauw we improved this modelling
    with an interdisciplinary team of GIS experts, High performance computing and
    real time visualisation. In a pilot for the city center of Groningen we developed
    a 3D version of flooding landscape maps (RUG, 2014) after modelling extreme
    rainfall. With a flooding landscape map you can see at a glance where water is
    going and where problem areas arise in case of extreme rainfall. Any
    municipality or county can thus quickly determine which measures are to be
    taken to prevent for example disruption to traffic or flooding damage to
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