Discontinuities of Plastic Deformation in Metallic Glasses with Different Glass Forming Ability

Maria Hurakova, Kornel Csach, Jozef Miskuf, Alena Jurikova, Stefan Demcak, Vaclav Ocelik, Jeff Hosson, de

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    The metallic ribbons Fe40Ni40B20, Cu47Ti35Zr11Ni6Si1 and Zr65Cu17.5Ni10Al7.5 with different microhardness and glass forming ability were studied at different loading rates from 0.05 to 100 mN/s. We describe in details the differences in elemental discontinuities on the loading curves for the studied alloys. It was found that the discontinuities began at a certain local deformation independently on the macroscopic mechanical properties of a ribbon. More developed discontinuities at higher deformations are created for the materials with lower microhardness and so lower strength.
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    TijdschriftPhysics Procedia
    StatusPublished - 2015

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