Discourse Semantics and Textual Logic: Methodological Considerations for Multimodal Analysis

Janina Wildfeuer*

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    This chapter discusses two relevant methodological concepts for the analysis of multimodal media and the resulting artefacts and performances with regard to their usability and appropriateness for comprehensive multimodal analyses: the concept of discourse semantics and the notion of the textual logic of meaning-making. The chapter critically compares and triangulates both notions as essential methodological frameworks for the analysis of multimodal media and particularly the now needed empirical work with them. On the basis of a theoretically and methodologically oriented discussion, a short example analysis completes the chapter, illustrating the suitability of these concepts for larger corpus work.
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    TijdschriftOsnabrücker Beiträge zur Sprachtheorie: OBST
    StatusPublished - sep-2021

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