Discussing the unspoken: A qualitative analysis of online forum discussions on mental health problems in young Moroccan-Dutch migrants

Madelien H. van de Beek*, Erwin Landman, Wim Veling, Robert A. Schoevers, Lian van der Krieke

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Migrants and their offspring are at increased risk of developing mental disorders. Previous research has shown associations between adverse social factors (e.g., discrimination, lack of social support) and mental health problems in migrants, but it is unknown how these associations are understood by migrants themselves. In this study, we aimed to gain explorative insight into the way young Moroccan-Dutch people experience their social environment, and how they relate this social environment to the development of mental health problems. At www.marokko.nl , the largest online discussion platform for young Moroccan-Dutch people, contributors discuss a broad variety of subjects, including societal, cultural, religious, and mental health issues. Combining deductive and inductive approaches to qualitative data analysis, we analysed 22 forum discussions at marokko.nl about mental health problems, after which data saturation was reached. Contributors described feeling isolated and experiencing discrimination in their social environment. Contributor comments identified social challenges arising from Dutch society, Dutch culture (e.g., being too individualistic), Moroccan culture (e.g., strict parenting style), and living between these two cultures. These social challenges are perceived to be associated with mental health problems. Furthermore, we created a model describing the different types of explanations contributors used for mental health problems, being: religious (e.g., possession); medical (i.e., a bio-psycho-social cause); or a combination of both. This model can help clinicians in delivering culturally sensitive mental health care. Lastly, this study shows the taboo on mental health problems in the Moroccan-Dutch population and the opportunity to open up in the online environment.

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TijdschriftTranscultural psychiatry
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StatusPublished - feb.-2023

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