Dislocation dynamic simulations of metal nanoimprinting

Yunhe Zhang*, Erik Van Der Giessen, Lucia Nicola

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Simulations of metal nanoimprinting by a rigid template are performed with the aim of finding the optimal conditions to retain imprints in a thin film on a substrate. Specifically, attention is focussed on the interface conditions between film and substrate and on the template shape. Deeper imprints are obtained when the interface between film and substrate is penetrable to dislocation motion. When the protruding contacts of the rigid template are closely spaced the interaction between neighboring contacts gives rise to material pile-ups between imprints.

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TitelMechanical Behavior at Small Scales - Experiments and Modeling
UitgeverijCambridge University Press
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ISBN van geprinte versie9781605111971
StatusPublished - 2010
Evenement2009 MRS Fall Meeting - Boston, MA, United States
Duur: 29-nov.-20093-dec.-2009

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NaamMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
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Conference2009 MRS Fall Meeting
Land/RegioUnited States
StadBoston, MA

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