Dissolved aluminium in the Weddell-Scotia Confluence and effect of Al on the dissolution kinetics of biogenic silica

Aleido J van Bennekom, Anita Buma, Rob J Nolting

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In the Scotia and Weddell Seas the concentration of dissolved Al was 1-1.5 nM in ice-free surface
waters, up to 3 nM in ice-covered waters and about 2.6 nM in bottom waters. The solubility and the
dissolution rate of diatomaceous silica, obtained from net samples and from incubations in the presence
or absence of dissolved AI, were inversely related to solid-phase AI/Si ratios. At in situ temperatures,
dissolution rates for Antarctic diatoms are higher than those for diatoms from temperate regions.
Effects on distribution patterns of silicic acid in the Weddell Sea are discussed.
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Pagina's (van-tot)423-434
TijdschriftMarine Chemistry
StatusPublished - 1991

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