Distinctive research patterns on public sector performance measurement of public administration and accounting disciplines

G. Jan van Helden*, Age Johnsen, Jarmo Vakkuri

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This article explores distinctive research patterns of public administration and accounting disciplines concerning public sector performance measurement (PSPM). Our review shows that accounting researchers from Europe investigate reasons for limited PM use and factors explaining a rational or symbolic PM use, inspired by organization theory and institutional theory and conducting case/field studies. Public administration researchers from Europe and the USA prefer to study PM design and PM impact respectively, mainly using surveys in combination with various theories, like political theory. Public administration research from the USA examines the types of performance indicators in PM systems and contingent factors for PM design. Public administration research from Europe shows an interest in evaluating public sector reforms like Best Value and explaining learning processes for improvement. We argue that PSPM research could benefit from interdisciplinary efforts and intensified mutual communication between public administration and accounting.

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TijdschriftPublic Management Review
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StatusPublished - 2008
EvenementWorkshop of the International-Research-Society-for-Public-Management - , Germany
Duur: 2-apr.-20074-apr.-2007

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