Diversity-ready cemeteries and crematoria in England and Wales: Briefing Note

Avril Maddrell, Katie McClymont, Yasminah Beebeejaun, Brenda Mathijssen, Danny McNally, Sufyan Abid Dogra


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Having the ‘right’ sort of burial, cremation and associated rituals is important
for the respectful treatment of the deceased and for those mourning them.
As society becomes more culturally diverse, so too do the requirements
for funerary spaces and practices. Based on extensive research with local communities and service providers in four case study towns in England and Wales, this report outlines the challenges, examples of good practice and creative opportunities for cemetery and crematoria providers and users. We argue that diversity-ready cemeteries, crematoria and remembrance sites are a necessary but currently neglected aspect of an inclusive and integrated multicultural society; addressing these issues will contribute to greater social well-being and a more inclusive civic culture.
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StatusPublished - 2018
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