Diving into the life of a Mesolithic archer: Use wear analysis and experimental archaeology on Doggerland bone and antler points

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I am reconstructing the behaviour of hunter-gatherers by use wear analysis on bone and antler points and experimental archaeology. The following aspects will be investigated:
• Binding of points to shafts
• Development of use wear by carrying arrows in a quiver
• Development of use wear during use as arrowheads
• Taphonomical processes

This research is part of my PhD project about human-red deer relationships in postglacial Doggerland. The overarching NWO project is called Resurfacing Doggerland.
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StatusPublished - 29-okt.-2021
EvenementArchon Day - Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duur: 29-okt.-202129-okt.-2021


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