Do India's activities in Africa liberate and strengthen Africa's position in the Euro-African relation?

T. Schrijen, Barteld Pennink

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    This research will analyze the economic relationship between India and Africa by
    analyzing trade, investments, aid and trade agreements. Moreover, this study will
    investigate whether there is substitution effect for the economic relationship between
    Europe and Africa and compare the results to China. The engagements of India appear
    to be stronger in resource rich countries and prove no substitution effect for the
    relationship of Europe and Africa. Moreover, India is also behind China in terms of
    trade. However, while India’s engagement might be smaller than China’s and Europe’s
    engagement, it might be more beneficial to Africa as the exports provide Africa with a
    trade surplus, whereas China and Europe do not. Therefore, the trade between India
    and Africa is a positive development for Africa, especially as Africa manages to reinvest
    this surplus into the development of its own economy
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    StatusPublished - 25-mrt.-2017

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