Do misconceptions hinder effective inhalation therapy with dry powder inhalers?



Purpose: It is widely believed that high resistance dry powder inhalers (DPI's) can not be operated adequately by patients with reduced vital capacity and that a constant lung deposition requires a flow rate independent fine particle output (FPF). These beliefs may result in incorrect use and prescription of DPI's. We aimed to prove that the opposite is true. Methods: Inspiratory manoeuvres by healthy subjects and severe COPD patients were recorded through a series of air flow resistances. FPF's (
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TijdschriftJournal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery
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StatusPublished - jun.-2011
Evenement International Society for Aerosols in Medicine

: 18th International Congress
- Rotterdam, Netherlands
Duur: 18-jun.-201122-jun.-2011

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