Does it work? Applying formative evaluation methods to test the usability of the PAT Workbench

Manon Van't Hul, Ielka van der Sluis


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    How do different usability evaluation methods, focussed
    on experts and users, contribute to the evaluation of a
    system during an iterative design process?
    The PAT Workbench was used as a case to test usability
    methods. This is a tool that was developed at the department of Communication and Information Sciences of
    the University of Groningen, to store, annotate, retrieve
    and view multimodal instructions (MIs).
    MIs are instructions that consists of text and
    pictures. The goal of the PAT Workbench is to create a
    corpus of annotated MIs for further research.
    The framework used for this process was the design re-search cylce (Hevner, 2007)
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    StatusPublished - jun-2017
    EvenementTABU Dag - University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
    Duur: 22-jun-201723-jun-2017


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