Does Lesson Study contribute to activating and cognitively demanding teaching behavior? A single case study


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Activating and cognitively demanding teaching behavior is problematic for many teachers in Dutch secondary education, in particular for the less experienced advanced beginners. In the context of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for both less and more experienced teachers of mathematics, Lesson Study has been chosen as professionalization method to contribute to activating and cognitively demanding teaching behavior. In Lesson Study research, effects are mostly reported based on self-reports. In a single-case study of an advanced beginning teacher, we explore the effectiveness of Lesson Study by using a mixed-method of observations, pupil questionnaires and teacher self-reports. The results indicate small learning effects on activating teaching behavior but no effect on cognitively demanding teaching behavior.
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StatusPublished - 29-aug.-2015
EvenementEARLI 2015 : 16th Biennial conference : Towards a reflective society: synergies between learning, teaching and research - Limassol, Cyprus
Duur: 25-aug.-201529-aug.-2015


ConferenceEARLI 2015 : 16th Biennial conference

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