Does Orthodontic Extraction Treatment Improve the Angular Position of Third Molars? A Systematic Review

Christos Livas*, Konstantina Delli

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    Purpose: To systematically assess the available evidence on the effect of orthodontic extractions on third molar (M3) angulation.

    Materials and Methods: Three databases were searched up to April 25, 2016 to identify orthodontic studies comparing M3 angular changes in patients with and without extraction. Information on methodology, treatment procedures, and outcome was retrieved from each study. Assessment of overall and individual quality of the included studies was performed using validated criteria.

    Results: Fourteen retrospective studies were considered eligible for this systematic review. Two studies achieved a moderate evidence score, whereas the lowest grade was assigned to 12 studies. The overall evidence level was classified as limited. Meta-analysis was not feasible because of the high heterogeneity across studies. Based on the best available evidence, premolar extraction followed by fixed orthodontic appliances can substantially improve the angular position of M3s by 10 degrees to 18 degrees.

    Conclusions: There is limited evidence that orthodontic extractions can substantially enhance the up-righting of M3s. Clinicians should be aware of the potentially beneficial effect of orthodontic extraction treatment on M3 development, although well-designed prospective studies are necessary to strengthen this statement. (C) 2016 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

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