Dose evaluation of inter- and intra-fraction prostate motion in extremely hypofractionated intensity-modulated proton therapy for prostate cancer

Sen Quan Feng*, Charlotte L. Brouwer, Erik W. Korevaar, Neha Vapiwala, Ken Kang-Hsin Wang, Curtiland Deville, Johannes A. Langendijk, Stefan Both, Shafak Aluwini

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Inter- and intra-fractional prostate motion can deteriorate the dose distribution in extremely hypofractionated intensity-modulated proton therapy. We used verification CTs and prostate motion data calculated from 1024 intra-fractional prostate motion records to develop a voxel-wise based 4-dimensional method, which had a time resolution of 1 s, to assess the dose impact of prostate motion. An example of 100 fractional simulations revealed that motion had minimal impact on planning dose, the accumulated dose in 95 % of the scenarios fulfilled the clinical goals for target coverage (D95 > 37.5 Gy). This method can serve as a complementary measure in clinical setting to guarantee plan quality.

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TijdschriftPhysics and imaging in radiation oncology
StatusPublished - jul.-2023

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