Dutch Dyslexia Programme (DDP): Early neurophysiological precursors of developmental dyslexia.

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    Developmental dyslexia is a neurobiological disorder, characterized by deficits in the auditory (phonological), visual, motor and linguistic domains. In the longitudinal Dutch Dyslexia Programme (DDP; (van der Leij et al., 2013; van der Leij & Maassen, 2013)) 180 children with a familial risk of dyslexia (FR), and a control group of 120 children were studied from the age of 2 months to 9 years. Data collection focused on auditory and visual ERPs between 2 and 47 months of age and reading assessments at age 7 to 9 years. Based on the reading tests the children were divided into 3 groups: FR-children with (FRdys) and without dyslexia (FRnondys), and fluently reading controls (CTRL; excluding dyslexic non-FR children). A series of experiments will be presented. First, a brief overview is given of auditory ERP at age 2 and 5 months in relation to risk status (Been et al., 2008; Van Leeuwen et al., 2006; Van Leeuwen et al., 2007), and differences at age 2 months between FRdys, FRnondys and CTRL (van Zuijen et al., 2013). Second, new analyses are presented of auditory ERP at age 17 months in relation to reading outcome. Two types of analyses were conducted: a peak-picking procedure to determine amplitude and latency of P1, N2, P2, N4, like in van Herten et al. (2008), and a temporal Principal Component Analysis (tPCA) to find the significant episodes, like in Leppänen et al. (Leppänen et al., 2010). Significant relations with reading outcome were found. Third, ongoing experiments applying auditory and visual paradigms (such as 'print tuning', (Maurer et al., 2006; Maurer et al., 2007)) are described, that allow us to closely monitor early and advanced reading acquisition. Focus in the latter experiments is on normalization and compensation processes in children with reading difficulties.
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    ConferenceANT Burgundy Neuromeeting 2014

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