Dutch Resolution: Dutch Resolution, a New Technology in Classical Resolution

Quirinus B. Broxterman, Erik van Echten, Lumbertus A. Hulshof, Bernard Kaptein, Richard M. Kellogg, Adriaan J. Minnaard, Ton R. Vries, Hans Wynberg

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A new method for the resolution of racemates through diastereomeric salt formation is presented. An essential feature of this new method is the use of mixtures of resolving agents. The application of certain mixtures results in an efficient and fast crystallisation of enantiomerically enriched salts. It turns out that these salts still contain a mixture of the resolving agents. Via this new method, referred to as the Dutch Resolution (DR) technology, the success rate in identifying and performing adequate resolutions of racemates has been greatly improved.
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TijdschriftChimica Oggi-Chemistry Today
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StatusPublished - 16-feb.-1999

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