Early detection of left ventricular remodeling


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    The left heart chamber has the important task to pump the blood through the body. Changes in muscle mass and volume can negatively impact the function of the left heart chamber. This is called “remodeling”.
    MRI scans of healthy subjects were analyzed to study the effects of daily tobacco smoking and a genetic predisposition for a high blood pressure on the left heart chamber. Daily tobacco smoking was linked to a reduced pump function of the heart, suggesting irreversible damage to the heart muscle. A genetic predisposition for a high blood pressure was linked to increased muscle mass and contractility of the left heart chamber.
    Structure and function of the left heart chamber can be studied with either ultrasound or MRI. By investigating differences between ultrasound and MRI, we found that ejection fraction (the most common measure of heart function) is overestimated by ultrasound in patients with large heart attacks. Laboratory values that are used to measure damage to the heart were the best predictors of left heart chamber remodeling after a heart attack.
    Natural variation in volume of the left heart chamber due to e.g. body size and gender makes it hard to compare measurements between individuals. By reducing variation with a simple correction formula with lean body mass and the time between heartbeats, an abnormal heart size can be detected earlier.
    The research described in this thesis provides a contribution to understanding remodeling of the left heart chamber, and earlier detection of heart disease.
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