Early exposure to ethanol is able to affect the memory of adult zebrafish: Possible role of adenosine

Aline Haab Lutte, Júlia Huppes Majolo, Luiza Reali Nazario, Rosane Souza Da Silva

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Ethanol is one of the most widely consumed drugs in the world, and the effects of ethanol during early development include morphological and cognitive problems. The regulation of adenosine levels is essential for the proper function of major neurotransmitter systems in the brain, particularly glutamate and dopamine; thus, the investigation of the relation of adenosine and memory after early ethanol exposure becomes relevant. Embryos of zebrafish were exposed to 1% ethanol during two distinct developmental stages: gastrula/segmentation or pharyngula. The evaluation of memory, morphology, and locomotor parameters was performed when fish were 3 months old. The effect of ecto-5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase inhibition on the consequences of ethanol exposure with regard to memory formation was observed. Morphological evaluation showed decreases in body length and the relative telencephalic and cerebellar areas in ethanol exposed animals. The locomotor parameters evaluated were not affected by ethanol. In the inhibitory avoidance paradigm, ethanol exposure during the gastrula/segmentation and pharyngula stages decreased zebrafish memory retention. When ethanol was given in the pharyngula stage, the inhibition of ecto-5'-nucleotidase in the acquisition phase of memory tests was able to revert the effects of ethanol on the memory of adults. These findings suggest that the increased adenosine levels caused by ethanol could alter the neuromodulation of important components of memory formation, such as neurotransmitters. The adjustment of adenosine levels through ecto-5'-nucleotidase inhibition appears to be effective at restoring normal adenosine levels and the acquisition of memory in animals exposed to ethanol during the pharyngula stage.

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StatusPublished - dec.-2018
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