Early micronutrient supplementation protects against early stress-induced cognitive impairments

Eva F. G. Naninck, J. Efraim Oosterink, Kit-Yi Yam, Lennart P. de Vries, Henk Schierbeek, Johannes B. van Goudoever, Rikst Nynke Verkaik-Schakel, Josee Plantinga, Torsten Plosch, Paul J. Lucassen, Aniko Korosi*

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Early-life stress (ES) impairs cognition later in life. Because ES prevention is problematic, intervention is needed, yet the mechanisms that underlie ES remain largely unknown. So far, the role of early nutrition in brain programming has been largely ignored. Here, we demonstrate that essential 1-carbon metabolism-associated micronutrients (1-CMAMs; i.e., methionine and B vitamins) early in life are crucial in programming later cognition by ES. ES was induced in male C57Bl/6 mice from postnatal d (P) 2-9. 1-CMAM levels were measured centrally and peripherally by using liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy. Next, we supplemented the maternal diet with 1-CMAM only during the ES period and studied cognitive, neuroendocrine, neurogenic, transcriptional, and epigenetic changes in adult offspring. We demonstrate that ES specifically reduces methionine in offspring plasma and brain. Of note, dietary 1-CMAM enrichment during P2-9 restored methionine levels and rescued ES-induced adult cognitive impairments. Beneficial effects of this early dietary enrichment were associated with prevention of the ES-induced rise in corticosterone and adrenal gland hypertrophy did not involve changes in maternal care, hippocampal volume, neurogenesis, or global/Nr3c1-specific DNA methylation. In summary, nutrition is important in brain programming by ES. A short, early supplementation with essential micronutrients can already prevent lasting effects of ES. This concept opens new avenues for nutritional intervention.-Naninck, E. F. G., Oosterink, J. E., Yam, K.-Y., deVries, L. P., Schierbeek, H., vanGoudoever, J. B., Verkaik-Schakel, R.-N., Plantinga, J. A., Plosch, T., Lucassen, P. J., Korosi, A. Early micronutrient supplementation protects against early stress-induced cognitive impairments.

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TijdschriftThe FASEB Journal
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StatusPublished - feb-2017

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