Eco-evolutionary interactions in polymicrobial infections

Lars Zandbergen, Joost van den Heuvel, Bas Zwaan, Arjan de Visser, Marjon de Vos*

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Communities of bacteria derived from polymicrobial urinary tract infections (UTIs) together with commensal residents in the urobiome can be viewed as small ecosystems. By measuring pair-wise interactions we obtained a unique insight in the ecological interactions of these microbiome members. We find that many of these bacterial interactions affect the immediate tolerance to antibiotics, as well as their ability to evolve antibiotic resistance. This shows that microbial community composition affects the ecology and the evolution of infectious bacterial consortia.
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StatusPublished - 28-jun.-2022
EvenementNetherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2022 - Akoesticum, Ede, Netherlands
Duur: 28-jun.-202228-jun.-2022
Congresnummer: 5


ConferenceNetherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2022
Verkorte titelNLSEB2022
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