Economic and environmental upgrading in an era of globalized and fragmented value chains


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The production processes of goods and services in modern economies are fragmented and often conducted in multiple countries. This form of production leads to the formation of global value chains (GVCs). This thesis studies the implications of production fragmentation across regions and countries for economic and environmental upgrading. Chapter 2 identifies three quantitative measures for economic upgrading, namely process, product and skill upgrading. Chapter 3 provides country-industry level evidence that participation in GVCs is positively related to economic upgrading. GVC participation depends on a country’s specialization patterns and on its forward and backward linkages within GVCs. Chapter 4 focuses on China’s economic upgrading in the GVC framework and investigates how China can further narrow its GDP per capita gap with developed countries. Chapter 5 analyzes China’s regional upgrading in environmental performance and investigates the effects of China’s domestic inter-regional production fragmentation on its regional environment.
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