Eczema control and treatment satisfaction in atopic dermatitis patients treated with dupilumab: a cross-sectional study from the BioDay registry

Jart A.F. Oosterhaven, Lotte S. Spekhorst, Junfen Zhang, Angelique Nadine Voorberg, Geertruida L.E. Romeijn, Celeste M. Boesjes, Marjolein Bruin-Weller, Marie L.A. Schuttelaar*, Marlies de Graaf

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Background: Eczema control is a new construct to be measured in atopic dermatitis (AD).

Objectives: Measuring patient-perceived eczema control and treatment satisfaction in AD patients, treated with dupilumab between 16 and 52 weeks.

Methods: Cross-sectional questionnaire study. Patients from the Dutch BioDay registry completed the Atopic Dermatitis Control Test (ADCT), Recap of Atopic Eczema (RECAP) and Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire for Medication, Version II (TSQM v. II), along with other Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

Results: 104/157 patients responded (response rate 66.2%). Median ADCT score was 4 (interquartile range [IQR] 5); median RECAP score was 5 (IQR 6); median TSQM v.II global satisfaction score was 83.3 (IQR 25.0). According to the ADCT, 38.5-66.3% perceived their AD was 'in control', depending on the interpretability method used. Minimally clinically important difference (MCID) of >= 4 points for the DLQI and POEM was achieved respectively in N = 66 (84.6%) and N = 63 (78.8%) patients.

Conclusion: When considering the favorable scores on other PROMs and the TSQM v. II, and comparing these to the relatively low percentage of patients perceiving control according to the ADCT, interpretability of eczema control still appears difficult. Treatment satisfaction in the studied cohort was high.

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TijdschriftJournal of dermatological treatment
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StatusPublished - 2022

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