B. Fingleton, M. Abreu, L. Corrado, F. Fuerst, H. Garretsen, D. Igliori, J. Le Gallo, P. McCann, J. McCombie, V. Monastiriotis, G. Pryce, J. Yu

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In this editorial we summarise and comment on papers published in issue 9.1. The first paper is by Raffaele Paci, Emanuela Marrocu and Stefano Usai 'The Complementary Effects of Proximity Dimensions on Knowledge Spillovers'. Second, we have the paper by Karyn Morrissey, Cathal O'Donoghue and Niall Farrell entitled 'The Local Impact of the Marine Sector in Ireland: A Spatial Microsimulation Analysis'. The third paper is 'Explaining Total Factor Productivity at Firm Level in Italy: Does Location Matter?' by Francesco Aiello, Valeria Pupo and Fernanda Ricotta. Fourth, we have the paper entitled 'The Relationship between Total Employment and Cooperative Employment: A Convergence and Causality Analysis' by Millan Diaz-Foncea and Carmen Marcuello. The final paper is by Jyh-Bang Jou and entitled 'Determinants of Efficient Growth Boundaries with Balanced Budgets and Stochastic Rents'.

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StatusPublished - 2-jan-2014

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