B. Fingleton, M. Abreu, P. Cheshire, H. Garretsen, D. Igliori, J. Le Gallo, P. McCann, John McCombie, V. Monastiriotis, M. Roberts, J. Yu

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In this editorial we summarize and comment on papers published in issue 8.2. The first paper is New Economic Geography and Reunified Germany at Twenty: A Fruitful Match?' by Frank Bickenbach & Eckhardt Bode. Next comes The Role of the Human Capital, Market Potential and Natural Amenities in Understanding Spatial Wage Disparities in Chile' by Dusan Paredes. We then comment on the paper by Zheng-Yu Zhang, A Pairwise Difference Estimator of Partially Linear Spatial Autoregressive Models'. Finally we discuss the paper by Miguel Flores, Mary Zey & Nazrul Hoque, entitled Economic Liberalization and Contemporary Determinants of Mexico's Internal Migration: An Application of Spatial Gravity Models'.

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StatusPublished - 1-jun-2013

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