B. Fingleton, M. Abreu, P. Cheshire, H. Garretsen, D. Igliori, J. Le Gallo, P. McCann, John McCombie, V. Monastiriotis, M. Roberts, J. Yu

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In this editorial we summarize and comment on papers published in issue 7.4. The first paper is 'Spatial Econometrics of Innovation: Recent Contributions and Research Perspectives', by Corinne Autant-Bernard. Then we have the contribution by Martin Andersson & Jan Weiss on 'External Trade and Internal Geography: Local Export Spillovers by Industry Characteristics and Firm Size'. Next Rhydian James, Peter Midmore & Dennis Thomas write about 'Public Sector Size and Peripherality' and the final paper is by Jesus Felipe & John McCombie entitled 'Agglomeration Economies, Regional Growth, and the Aggregate Production Function: A Caveat Emptor for Regional Scientists'.

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TijdschriftSpatial Economic Analysis
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StatusPublished - dec-2012

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