Editorial: Visibility matters – women in neonatology

Erin V. McGillick*, Camilla Gizzi, Mary Ann Volpe, Britt Nakstad, Elisabeth M.W. Kooi, Julie Wixey, Mary Tolcos

*Corresponding author voor dit werk

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We are delighted to present the inaugural Frontiers in Pediatrics Women in Neonatology series. Gender inequity in health and medical research has been perpetuated by longstanding biases (including unconscious bias), stereotypes and structural barriers to the recruitment, retention, career progression and recognition of women’s achievements. While many structural changes are required to address these factors towards achieving equity, active allyship and visibility is also important to support and encourage the next generation of women and girls to pursue research careers. This article collection includes 5 original research papers, 2 brief research reports and 1 review article demonstrating a diversity of neonatology-related research led by women. Depicolzuane et al. reviewed and presented a summary of animal and translational studies, and clinical observations on the role of lung surfactant protein A in lung function and importantly in lung protection from both infectious and non-infectious agents. Surfactant protein A has a unique role in the lung through its interactions with lung macrophages where it impacts the activity of alveolar macrophages in response to injurious agents or stimuli. Interestingly, surfactant protein A also has a role in control of the in utero environment.

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TijdschriftFrontiers in Pediatrics
StatusPublished - 7-nov.-2022


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