Educating health care professionals on the importance of proper diets. An online course on nutrition, health, and sustainability

Francesco Visioli*, Vivien Bodereau, Maarten van der Kamp, Miriam Clegg, Jing Guo, Maria Dolores del Castillo, Winston Gilcrease, Amelia Hollywood, Amaia Iriondo-DeHond, Charlotte Mills, Savino Sciascia, Tim van Zutphen, Edith Visser, Walter C. Willett

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The majority of university curricula for health professionals does not incorporate courses on human nutrition and its links with human and planetary health. This primarily applies to medical and pharmacy students, who have important counselling roles and are at the forefront of public health. To address this important issue, EIT Food recently launched an online course on nutrition, health, and sustainability. Learners were able to provide feedback on the course through an end-of-course survey and social interaction on the FutureLearn platform. The course was very well attended worldwide and received positive feedback from learners. A total of 3,858 students enrolled in the program, from >20 countries. Learners reported inadequate training on nutrition in their own curriculum and indicated they would use key insights from the course to inform their own practice. This report provides insights from the course, which could be used as guidance for future initiatives.

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TijdschriftInternational journal of food sciences and nutrition
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Vroegere onlinedatum22-sep.-2022
StatusPublished - 2022

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