Educational productivity in higher education: An examination of part of the Walberg Educational Productivity Model

M. Bruinsma*, E. P. W. A. Jansen

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Several factors in the H. J. Walberg Educational Productivity Model, which assumes that 9 factors affect academic achievement, were examined with a limited sample of 1st-year students in the University of Groningen. Information concerning 8 of these factors - grades, motivation, age, prior achievement, home environment, support from peers, classroom environment, quality of instruction, and quantity of instruction - was collected through the departmental administration, self-report questionnaires, rating questionnaires, and through paper sources. A multilevel analysis showed that the model with 8 productivity factors explained 23% of the variance found in achievement, as well as the variables prior achievement and expectancy, the classroom environment, the quality of assessment, and the quantity of instruction affected achievement.

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TijdschriftSchool Effectiveness and School Improvement
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StatusPublished - mrt-2007

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