Een malcontent in mediageschiedenis? Jan Blokker 1927-2010

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    An initial attempt to give an outline of the life of the journalist Jan Blokker reveals his significance for media history in two respects: not only as a media historian but also as an actor in media history. His first role, as a historian, cannot be understood withoutreviewing Blokker’s preference for modern and narrative history. Furthermore, his strong views about politics and media played a decisive role in his historical production.Far more important, however, is Blokker’s role as an actor in media history. As a journalist, formally a manager and informally an encourager and source of inspiration,he profoundly influenced the character and conduct of a generation of newspaperand television producers. In particular his work for the newspapers Algemeen Handelsblad and de Volkskrant, and for the broadcasting company vpro had a great influence on the cultural-political changes that have taken place in The Netherlands since the 1960s. Whatever he did, Blokker proved to have a progressive liberal view of contemporary culture, which cannot be understood without having experienced and known about the past.
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