Effect of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate added to acidic beverages on enamel erosion in vitro.

D.J. Manton, F. Cai, Y. Yuan, G.D. Walker, N.J. Cochrane, C. Reynolds, L.J. Brearley-Messer, E.C. Reynolds

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Background: To investigate, in vitro, the effect on enamel erosion of the addition of 0.2% w/v casein phosphopeptide‐amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP‐ACP) to four commercially‐available soft drinks, two of which were carbonated. Methods: Enamel specimens (n = 27) were sectioned from sound extracted human third molar teeth and polished to a mirror finish. Exposed enamel windows of 1 mm2 were created by painting the surface with acid‐resistant nail varnish. Four citric flavoured soft drinks (pH range 2.2 to 2.4) and distilled deionized water (DDW) were tested. Each drink was tested with and without 0.2% CPP‐ACP w/v. The specimens were placed into 50 mL of solution at 37 °C for 30 minutes, rinsed and varnish removed. The samples were profiled with a white light profilometer and erosive depths recorded. Results: All soft drinks tested caused enamel erosion but adding 0.2% w/v CPP‐ACP significantly reduced (p <0.05) erosive depth in all test solutions in comparison with the solutions without CPP‐ACP. The erosive depths for all solutions with 0.2% CPP‐ACP did not differ significantly from those of DDW. Conclusions: Adding CPP‐ACP at 0.2% w/v significantly decreased the erosivity of all four soft drinks. The erosivity of the soft drinks with 0.2% CPP‐ACP added did not differ significantly from that of distilled water.
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TijdschriftAustralian dental journal
StatusPublished - sep.-2010
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