Effect of ciclesonide treatment on allergen-induced changes in T cell regulation in asthma

Irene H. Heijink*, Henk F. Kauffman, Edo Vellenga, Christa A. Veltman-Starkenburg, Dirkje S. Postma, Jan G. R. de Monchy

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Background: The allergen-induced release of CCL17/thymus and activation-regulated chemokine ( TARC) may be crucial in asthmatic airway inflammation by recruitment of Th2 cells. In addition, it might lead to aberrant Th2 cell activity through impairment of beta(2)-adrenergic receptor (beta(2)-AR) control. We questioned how chemokine patterns change upon allergen challenge and whether treatment with the inhaled steroid ciclesonide can reduce chemokine release and subsequently prevent allergen-induced changes in Th2 cell regulation and migration. Methods: Asthma patients were double-blindly treated with placebo or 80 mu g ciclesonide for 7 days. We studied allergen-induced changes in sputum chemokines, migration of peripheral blood T cells and control of beta(2)-agonist fenoterol over T cell migration and alpha-CD3/alpha-CD28-induced cytokine production. Results: Treatment with 80 mu g ciclesonide significantly diminished the late asthmatic response. The late asthmatic response was associated with increased sputum levels of CCL17 and CCL4 ( but none of the other chemokines measured) and loss of (beta(2)-AR) control over T cell migration and Th2-type cytokine production. Although ciclesonide treatment did not prevent chemokine release nor altered beta(2)-AR function in circulating T cells, it exerted an inhibitory effect on TARC-induced T cell migration and alpha-CD3/alpha-CD28-induced cytokine production. Conclusion: Our data support the hypothesis that CCL17 is involved in allergen-induced dysregulation of Th2 cell migration and cytokine production. Ciclesonide treatment inhibits T cell migration and cytokine production upon allergen inhalation, which is regulated independently from reducing CCL17 release, but may contribute to beneficial effects of ciclesonide on Th2-mediated airway inflammation. Copyright (c) 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel.

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TijdschriftInternational Archives of Allergy and Immunology
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StatusPublished - 2008


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