Effect of hydrogen enrichment on pollutant and greenhouse gases formation and exergy efficiency of methane MILD combustion

Amin Khanlari, Ali Salavati-Zadeh*, Mobin Mohammadi, Seyyed Bahram Nourani Najafi, Vahid Esfahanian

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    The present study aims to investigate the effect of hydrogen enrichment of the methane jet fuel on the formation of pollutants and greenhouse gases and exergy efficiency of a burner working on flameless MILD combustion mode for different amounts of oxygen present in the hot air co-flow stream using computational fluid dynamics coupled with detailed chemistry. OpenFOAM v. 3.0 is employed for the simulations. The results indicate considerable the pivotal role of the amount of hydrogen present in the fuel stream. It is also evident that hydrogen enrichment could be considered as a promising strategy for further increasing the exergy efficiency of burners working in MILD combustion mode.

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    TitelEnvironmentally-Benign Energy Solutions, 2018
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    StatusPublished - 2020
    Evenement7th Global Conference on Global Warming, GCGW 2018 - Izmir, Turkey
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    Conference7th Global Conference on Global Warming, GCGW 2018
    Stad Izmir

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