Effect of paraquat exposure on nitric oxide-responsive genes in rat mesencephalic cells

José M Morán, Miguel A Ortiz-Ortiz, Luz M Ruiz-Mesa, Mireia Niso-Santano, Jose M Bravosanpedro, Rubén Gómez Sánchez, Rosa A González-Polo, José M Fuentes

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When neural cells are exposed to paraquat, nitric oxide generation increases primarily due to an increase in the expression of the inducible isoform of nitric oxide synthase. The nitric oxide generated has controversial actions in paraquat exposure, as both protective and harmful effects have been described previously. While the actions mediated by nitric oxide in neural cells have been well described, there is evidence that nitric oxide may also be an important modulator of the expression of several genes during paraquat exposure. To better understand the actions of nitric oxide and its potential role in paraquat-induced gene expression, we examined changes in GCH1, ARG1, ARG2, NOS1, NOS2, NOS3, NOSTRIN, NOSIP, NOS1AP, RASD1, DYNLL1, GUCY1A3, DDAH1, DDAH2 and CYGB genes whose expression is controlled by or involved in signaling by the second messenger nitric oxide, in rat mesencephalic cells after 3, 6, 12 and 24h of paraquat exposure. A qPCR strategy targeting these genes was developed using a SYBR green I-based method. The mRNA levels of all the genes studied were differentially regulated during exposure. These results demonstrate that nitric oxide-related genes are regulated following paraquat exposure of mesencephalic cells and provide the basis for further studies exploring the physiological and functional significance of nitric oxide-sensitive genes in paraquat-mediated neurotoxicity.

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TijdschriftNitric oxide-Biology and chemistry
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StatusPublished - 1-aug.-2010
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