Effectiveness of post-discharge case management in general-medical outpatients: A randomized, controlled trial

Corine H. M. Latour*, Rien de Vos, Frits J. Huyse, Peter de Jonge, Liesbeth A. M. van Gemert, Wim A. B. Stalman

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This study was initiated to determine the impact of post- discharge, nurse- led, home- based case management intervention on the number of emergency readmissions, level of care utilization, quality of life, and psychological functioning. Patients discharged home from a general hospital (N = 147) were randomly assigned to usual care or nurse-led, home-based, case management intervention. During the 24 weeks of follow-up, no difference between the two groups was found for readmission, care utilization, quality of life, or psychological functioning. Patients in the control group tended to move sooner to non-independent living accommodation than patients in the nurse-led, home-based, case management intervention group.

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StatusPublished - 2006

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