Efficient synthesis of furfural from xylose over HCl catalyst in slug flow microreactors promoted by NaCl addition

Wenze Guo, Herman Bruining, Hero Heeres, Jun Yue*

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Efficient synthesis of furfural from xylose over the HCl catalyst in a water-methyl isobutyl ketone biphasic system was achieved in slug flow microreactors, using NaCl as a promotor which facilitates xylose dehydration and suppresses xylose condensation. An optimized furfural yield of 93% was obtained from 1 M xylose over 0.2 M HCl with 10 wt% NaCl at 180 °C within 4 min. A comprehensive kinetic model was developed from monophasic experiments in water in microreactors, by incorporating the acidity in water and kinetic constants as a function of the chloride ion concentration. The coupling of kinetic model with furfural extraction, with consideration of phase volume change as a function of temperature and partial phase miscibility, enables to predict the results of biphasic experiments in microreactors where mass transfer limitation was eliminated. The aqueous phase containing HCl and NaCl could be readily recycled and reused multiple times without noticeable performance loss.
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TijdschriftAIChE Journal
Vroegere onlinedatum18-jan-2022
StatusPublished - mei-2022

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