Eight dialectic benchmarks discussed by two artificial localist disputors

G.A.W. Vreeswijk

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Dispute types can roughly be divided in two classes. One class in which the notion of justification is fundamental, and one in which the notion of opposition is fundamental. Further, for every single dispute type there exist various types of protocols to conduct such a dispute. Some protocols permit local search (a process in which one is allowed to justify claims partially, with the possibility to extend justifications on request later), while other protocols rely on global search (a process in which only entire arguments count as justifications). This paper integrates the two above-mentioned types of dispute with the use of a protocol that permits local search. The locality aspect is relatively new to computer scientists, while the detailed computational elaboration of the approach is relatively new to philosophical logicians. The proposed protocol is demonstrated with the help of eight benchmarks. These benchmarks are centered around the problem that co-concluding arguments sometimes accrue, and sometimes do not.

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StatusPublished - 2001

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