Electrical detection of spin pumping due to the precessing magnetization of a single ferromagnet

M. V. Costache*, M. Sladkov, S. M. Watts, C. H. van der Wal, B. J. van Wees

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We report direct electrical detection of spin pumping, using a lateral normal-metal/ferromagnet/normal-metal device, where a single ferromagnet in ferromagnetic resonance pumps spin-polarized electrons into the normal metal, resulting in spin accumulation. The resulting backflow of spin current into the ferromagnet generates a dc voltage due to the spin-dependent conductivities of the ferromagnet. By comparing different contact materials (Al and/or Pt), we find, in agreement with theory, that the spin-related properties of the normal metal dictate the magnitude of the dc voltage.

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TijdschriftPhysical Review Letters
Nummer van het tijdschrift21
StatusPublished - 24-nov.-2006

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