Electroactive materials with tunable response based on block copolymer self-assembly

Ivan Terzic, Niels L. Meereboer, Monica Acuautla, Giuseppe Portale, Katja Loos*

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Ferroelectric polymers represent one of the key building blocks for the preparation of flexible electronic devices. However, their lack of functionality and ability to simply tune their ferroelectric response significantly diminishes the number of fields in which they can be applied. Here we report an effective way to introduce functionality in the structure of ferroelectric polymers while preserving ferroelectricity and to further tune the ferroelectric response by incorporating functional insulating polymer chains at the chain ends of ferroelectric polymer in the form of block copolymers. The block copolymer self-assembly into lamellar nanodomains allows confined crystallization of the ferroelectric polymer without hindering the crystallinity or chain conformation. The simple adjustment of block polarity leads to a significantly different switching behavior, from ferroelectric to antiferroelectric-like and linear dielectric. Given the simplicity and wide flexibility in designing molecular structure of incorporated blocks, this approach shows the vast potential for application in numerous fields.

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TijdschriftNature Communications
StatusPublished - 5-feb-2019

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