Electroactive Thermo-Pneumatic Soft Actuator with Self-Healing Features: A Critical Evaluation

Felipe Orozco Gutierrez, Diana Horvat, Matteo Miola, Ignacio Moreno-Villoslada, Francesco Picchioni, Ranjita Bose*

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Soft actuators that operate with overpressure have been successfully implemented as soft robotic grippers. Naturally, as these pneumatic devices are prone to cuts, self-healing properties are attractive. Here, we prepared a gripper that operates based on the liquid-gas phase transition of ethanol within its hollow structure. The gripping surface of the device is coated with a self-healing polymer that heals with heat. This gripper also includes a stainless steel wire along the device that heats the entire structure through resistive heating. This design results in a soft robotic gripper that actuates and heals in parallel driven by the same practical stimulus, that is, electricity. Compared to other self-healing soft grippers, this approach has the advantage of being simple and having autonomous self-healing. However, there remain fundamental drawbacks that limit its implementation. The current work critically assesses this overpressure approach and concludes with a broad perspective regarding self-healing soft robotic grippers.
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TijdschriftSoft Robotics
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Vroegere onlinedatum16-mrt.-2023
StatusPublished - 9-aug.-2023


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